Episode 81

Published on:

11th Aug 2023

The 5 HUGE Hiring Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Did you know printing money isn't illegal?

It’s called hiring top quality workers.

You might be thinking, "great workers aren’t out there".

And you might feel like hiring is a bit of a lottery.

If so, I'm sorry to say that you've fallen victim to one of the 5 huge hiring mistakes.

You want to avoid these mistakes when building a great team, so Tony and Phil sat down and recorded an episode

This is a touchy one because at one time or another, Phil and I are guilty of making ALL of these mistakes.


  • Have the knowledge and skillset you think only HR firms hold.
  • Implement an 11-step hiring structure so you can get it right every time.
  • Be able to confidently hire applicants to high-ranking roles in your business.
  • Learn what it takes to hire the top workers.


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