Episode 35

Published on:

24th Sep 2022

Special guest: Adrian Laing - Nelson Alarms

Adrian Laing is the owner of Nelson Alarms in New Zealand, he is a long-term member of the Profitable Tradie program, having joined back in 2016. In his time with PT Adrian has put together a very impressive list of accomplishments, including his promotion from the Million Dollar Tradie program into our top-level Boardroom program, where he is considered a well-regarded and highly respected member amongst his peers.

Just hearing about improving your business, or growing, or scaling, or getting more time back might not hit home, sometimes seeing is believing. So take it from someone who has done all that and is living proof that it is possible, that someone is Adrian. This recording is from a hotseat which are hosted for Profitable Tradie members so they can pick up tips and tricks from other successful members. Normally these recordings are reserved for members, but this one is too good not to share.

In this episode Adrian shares how he’s more than doubled his monthly revenue, and what he did to be awarded a Profitable Tradie Black Belt, our award for businesses making over one million dollars in annual profit. You’ll hear from Adrian how he’s grown his team, created more structure in his organization, fixed his cashflow problems and got out of a long term bank overdraft. If you think he’s done all that by burning the candle at both ends, he’s looking at moving to working 4 day weeks… so let that should put those assumptions to bed.



  • How to take your business to the next level from someone who has done it
  • An understanding of how to grow without creating chaos
  • Tips on how to get your team to buy into your businesses success


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