Episode 79

Published on:

28th Jul 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Trades/Subcontracting Indsutry

By now we’re almost certain you’ve heard about AI (artificial intelligence)…

But even if you haven’t, this will still be the perfect episode for you.

Parts of AI are exciting, parts are scary.

No, we’re not going to instruct you to head to your local store to buy foil to wrap around your head.

But it is important to understand how it might affect trades, subcontracting, and construction businesses.

That’s why Phil and Tony sat down and recorded this episode.

Because while we don’t think AI will be building houses start to finish any time soon…

There’re actually a few ways that AI can make running your business a whole lot easier.

Not to mention a lot cheaper.

And you might think “I don’t understand that garbage, and I don’t need to”…

But we don’t want you being the one who gets left behind.



  • How you could use AI to get round the clock customer service
  • Use marketing to save you hours on marketing
  • An understanding of how AI will effect your business in the future
  • What to look for in the future to make things like pricing and training faster, easier, and more accurate


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