Episode 42

Published on:

11th Nov 2022

How Core Values make your business stand out from the crowd

Making your trade business STAND OUT from the crowd is essential.

In today’s podcast episode Tony and Phil are going to show you how you can stand out from the crowd by having core values that actually mean something. 

And if your biz doesn’t already have core values?

The boys will show you how to identify, and then implement core values that aren’t a joke.

Because the businesses that we see crushing it do their core values very well. 

These businesses not only use their core values to consistently win and impress new clients. 

But they also ensure their teams perform better, and enjoy their work more.

PLUS, and this is a real huge benefit when recruiting in a tight labor market, you’ll see how having strong core values will help you attract new employees who are a great fit with your team culture.

If you’re not getting your core values right then your team doesn't really understand what is acceptable behavior.

Your biz is vanilla, meaning it doesn’t stand out from the crowd (both for clients and more importantly for employees).

And your team won’t be able to show initiative because they don’t really know what is expected of them. 

All of these issues mean you’re constantly answering questions and handholding. Which is a real pain in the backside!

So let’s get into it and sort out some killer core values for you… 


  • Lets employees know what’s acceptable so you have less HR headaches  
  • Your business stands out in the crowd so you win more clients
  • Team knows what’s expected of them internally and on site so you have consistently high standards


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