Episode 74

Published on:

23rd Jun 2023

Mistakes I've made in business

Back when Tony was a kid, he was helping his dad on the family farm.

He was out with his brother helping their dad move livestock.

They were told to go down the hill to help move the temporary fence.

Tony’s brother was just in front of him, walking confidently.

Until disaster struck.

His brother slipped and hit the ground harder than a roofer using socks as work boots.

His back was painted head to toe in mud.

Wanna know what Tony did?

Once he stopped laughing his ass off...

He walked off to the side of where his brother had slipped and cautiously made his way down the hill.

Keeping his back clean and dry.

That right there is the value of learning from other's mistakes.

Tony admits he’s not perfect, he’s made mistakes, and is sure you’ve made a fair few yourself.

And like him, you’ve learned from them.

That way you don’t make them again in the future.

So, Tony thought he’d share some of the mistakes he’s made in business.

All in the hopes you can learn from them and don’t make them yourself.

Let’s get into it…


  • Learn from some business mistakes without having to make them yourself
  • How to avoid burn out
  • What to do to avoid your team losing respect for you
  • A strategy for getting results without micromanaging


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