Episode 51

Published on:

13th Jan 2023

Planning: Spend Less Time Thinking & More Time On Holiday With The Preloaded Year Planner.

The BIG idea we want to introduce you to this week is called the Preloaded Year.

Why is it such a powerful tool you should definitely be using?

Well, when you preload your year you ensure you don’t miss out on any of the really important stuff.

Things like vacations, family events, sporting fixtures, concerts…

Or important business events like training courses, team days or strategy meetings.

In this week’s episode Tony and Phil are going to show how to use a process called ‘Block it and book it’ so you can preload your year with this important stuff.

Because when you book out time in advance you don’t have the chance to let last minute jobs and bookings push them aside (to never return).

It’s simple, but really powerful. And when you nail it, you put yourself in the driver’s seat instead of getting caught up in the whirlwind of everyday life.

And you can create a direct pathway for progress which is like a  roadmap for success.

You’ll also gain clarity and focus as you move through the year. As well as being able to schedule in fun!

Let’s get to it..!


  • You’ll no longer get stuck in the day to day
  • Stop feeling frustrated when you have to miss special occasions
  • Kickstart your company's growth


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