Episode 83

Published on:

25th Aug 2023

The Secret To Handling Ungrateful Employees

Ungrateful employees are the worst.

You may be struggling in the trenches and doing your best to stay positive..

But when one of your guys starts whining about whatever it is this time, how does that NOT send you over the edge?

After all. You're paying this guy serious money. Investing all your smarts into him.

You might even be allowing him to get away with using a company vehicles or materials on


All this for him to talk shit about you to the rest of the crew.

They think that you're just some rich prick who they can mooch off even though you're fighting

to stay in the green.

And they don't respect you enough to see what you really do for them.

Everyone has workers like this.

So Tony and Phil sat down and recorded an episode on it.


  • Have the knowledge and skillset you think only HR firms hold.
  • Implement an 11-step hiring structure so you can get it right every time.
  • Be able to confidently hire applicants to high-ranking roles in your business.
  • Learn what it takes to hire the top workers.


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